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EV Charging Cable

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    Shanghai Mida Cable Group Co., Ltd. was established in February 2008, the company is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, 1379 Jinqiao Road, is a commitment to research and development production of photovoltaic cables, new energy automotive cables, electrical equipment, connecting cables, and other special Wire and cable and wiring harness components processing professional manufacturers.
    Since the establishment of the company to the market as the core, product-oriented, technology-based, quality of lifeblood, for domestic and foreign markets, vigorously implement the brand implementation strategy. At present, the company pay close attention to the development of new energy automotive industry and photovoltaic power generation system, vigorously research and development and new energy automotive electrical connection and field-related products, continuous innovation and improve the series of product development and manufacturing work to provide users with the most professional charging solution And high-quality products, the company‘s products have broad market prospects, products in the world are widely used in power distribution systems, photovoltaic power generation systems, new energy vehicles, electrical wiring harness, and other industries and civilian areas. Determined to become the industry leader and innovator.

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