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Chademo EV Plug & Socket

CHAdeMO EV Plug DC Fast Charger EV Charging Connector

Rated Voltage: 500V  
Rated Current chademo: 125A  
Ambient Temperature: -30°to +50°  
Rated Current GB/T: 63A-205A  
Model No.: SET-EVD-S3  
Place of Origin: Shanghai   
Min.Order: 5 Set/Sets 
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
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    CHAdeMO EV Plug DC Fast Charger EV Charging Connector 

    1.Excellent Operability
    Charging is performed by only inserting a plug into a vehicle-side inlet. After charging is completed, push a buttom and withdraw the plug.

    2.User-friendly Design
    This connector is designed to operate viscerally by having handle shape.

    3.Safety Design
    The connector has automated triple safety lock system which prevents the disconnection of connector from vehicleside inlet accidentally during charging.

    4.A Wide Range of Operation Temperature
    It can be used under a wide range of environmental temperature from -30℃ to 50℃.

    5. High Flexibility and Durability
    Easy-bend and tough rubber is used for the cable.

    Excellent Operability

    User-friendly Design

    Safety Design

    A Wide Range of Operation Temperature

    High Flexibility and Du

    Rated voltage


    Rated current


    Ambient temperature

    -30°to +50°

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