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EPC EV Controller

32A Mainpine EV EVSE Controller EPC for Car Charging Station

32A EPC EV Controller for EVSE
Cable Version and Socket Version
Current : 10A,16A,20A,25A,32A
Convenient Maintenance for Din Rail Mounting
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    32A EPC EV Controller Electronic Protocol Controller 

      The main function of the EPC is to control the maximum current that the EVSE will ‘advertise’ to a connected EV.  The EV then agrees a mutually agreeable charging current with the EPC and charging then commences by the EPC closing an internal relay which connects mains power to the EVSE contactor which, in turn, connects the mains supply to the EV’s charger. Rated for 32A (maximum) use, it can be configured to tell the EV that it can charge at any level between 7A to 32A in 1A steps by using a simple resistor (assuming the EV is compatible - any EV fitted with either a Type 1 or Type 2 charging socket is compatible).  One version is compatible with tethered installations only and the other with ‘free cable’ installations. The ‘free-cable‘ version can also be configured to work with a tethered cable - or both free cable and tethered cable by means of a suitable switch. 
         A ‘free cable‘ EVSE is one where the EVSE has a only a Type 2 socket and, consequently, a separate Type-2-to-Type-1 or Type-2-to-Type-2 cable (as appropriate to the EV and which is normally supplied by the EV driver) is required to connect EVSE to EV.  In the event of a mains power failure mid-charge, on restoration of mains power and once the EPC has completed its boot-up procedure 
    The free-cable version of the EPC has the facility to operate a solenoid lock for the EVSE‘s Type 2 socket.  Note: There are solenoid-operated locks and motor-operated locks available for Type 2 sockets and this unit is compatible only with the solenoid version.  This provides a safety feature in that, during a mains power failure, the free-cable will be automatically released.  Otherwise, the cable would be locked into the EVSE until the mains power was restored.

    It has a 35mm DIN rail mount and its dimensions are:- 90mm high, 36mm wide and 57mm deep. The front of the unit is 53mm from the face of the DIN rail and all these dimensions exclude the LED indicator which protrudes 2mm from the front face. The unit weighs 120g (boxed, 135g).

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